Number One Reason for Divorce USA 2023

Number One Reason for Divorce USA 2023Do you know? According to the American Psychological Association, around 90 percent of us get married before we turn 50.

Some of those marriages go the distance, surviving the test of time and thriving for decades to come. Others fall upon rocky times; in fact, the APA notes that someWhat cause the divorce rate to be so high. There is no one response to that question where between 40 percent and 50 percent of weddings end in divorce.

Number One Reason for Divorce USA 2023

Number One Reason for Divorce USA

What reasons the divorce rate to be so high? There is no one answer to that query; indeed, there are a number of factors that can attack and ultimately undermine a marriage, sometimes leading to reconciliation but occasionally ending in the marriage’s dissolution.

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Leading Reasons for Divorce in the United States?

  • Marital Infidelity [Number One Reason for Divorce]

Different couples might respond to marital infidelity in different ways. For instance, some couples may have a more “open” or tolerant approach to extramarital unions.

More frequently than not, though, an extramarital affair is cause for hurt feelings, broken trust, and possibly irreconcilable differences. It is no surprise, then, that marital infidelity is an important cause of divorce.

As for what causes marital infidelity, that response is not as clear-cut. In some cases, an apparently innocent friendship ultimately blossoms into physical temptation and ultimately a sexual relationship. Additional factors that drive partners to cheat contain anger, resentment, or unmet sexual needs. No matter the reason for infidelity, it can have a disruptive and, at times, shattering effect on a marriage partnership. Frequently, the terminal result is divorce.

  • Financial Disagreements

Within any wedding, there will be areas of disagreement or even incompatibility. Some of these are more serious than others, and one of the most significant of all is personal finance. Simply put, tension over personal finances can be a significant source of friction.

If spouses have different needs with regard to lifestyle, different values when it comes to frugality and spending, or different long-term financial goals, it can lead to struggle. In numerous marriages, a financial disagreement becomes the “final straw” that leads to divorce.

Certainly, studies have indicated that frequent fights about money are a strong predictor of divorce. Given the high level of stress that can attend financial discussions, this statistic is all too real.

  • Weight Gain

Weight gain might seem like an improbable factor to influence divorce rates. Really, when one partner puts on a significant amount of weight, it can influence the relationship in a couple of different ways:

  1. One spouse’s weight gain might cause them to become less substantially attractive to their partner; this can result in less sexual intimacy leading to topics of resentment or hurt feelings. It might also make one or both spouses more probable to seek sexual fulfillment outside of the marriage relationship.
  2. The partner who gains weight might also struggle with an erosion of self-confidence, which can further lead to problems with intimacy or resentment.

Few Helpful Sources for Weight Loss:

  • Lack of Intimacy

We have all gotten jokes about the “honeymoon” period of a marriage, and precisely how it can be a season marked by common sexual intimacy. Over time, though, partners might grow distant and intimacy might decrease. Eventually, when spouses feel like they are no longer as intimately connected with one another, that might lead them to consider divorce.

Note that this is not always a matter of physical intimacy. In some cases, a lack of emotional intimacy can be just as trembling. If one spouse gives the other the “cold shoulder” for an extended period of time, it can risk the strength of their marriage.

Similarly, be aware that lack of intimacy can straight contribute to some of the other problems on this list. For instance, if one partner is unconcerned about having sex, the other might seek to have their appetites sated outside the marriage.

Surely, lack of intimacy is a mutual concern; one 2017 study finds that 15 percent of men and 27 percent of women say they have not had sex within the past year. This can be a cause of frustration for anyone, but it might be especially dispiriting within a marriage relationship.

  • Abuse

The utmost serious reason to consider divorce is any persistent pattern of spousal abuse.

This surely encompasses physical abuse, which can place one spouse’s life in instant danger. Though, patterns of verbal or financial abuse can also be corrosive and are very legal grounds to leave the marriage. This is not just limited to abuse between spouses, also.

When abuse is directed at a child, a sibling, or an old family member, that can be very concerning. It might make one spouse want to rethink their relationship.

In some cases, an event of domestic abuse might be related to an underlying factor like loss of employment or struggles with basic abuse. This certainly does not justify violent behavior, but it might leave a door open for rehabilitation. 

  • Difference in Religion

it is not always required for married partners to have the same religion; it does make it more probable that their other values are in alignment.

And, it has practical benefits: The couple is more probable to agree to weekly religious observation, to see eye to eye on how they will raise their children, and a lot more.

For those who do not share a faith, marriage tends to be less pleasing; when partners marry without being clear about their religious views (or about the other person’s religious views), or if those views change over time, it can raise the risk of divorce.

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