Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask

Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask – The primary meeting with a divorce attorney can be emotionally fraught. It is very normal to arrive at the meeting feeling worried, apprehensive, sad, or unsure. In some cases, those feelings might be balanced out by a sense of relief. Irrespective, it is bound to be a draining and difficult day.

One thing that can facilitate the stress of that initial meeting is arriving with some sense of what to expect. Surely, you can anticipate that your divorce lawyer will have a number of queries for you. It might be supportive to think through these questions in advance and to be ready for your answers.

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Now, with that said, what are some of the questions your attorney is likely to ask? The precise questions will differ from case to case, but here are some of the questions we naturally ask here at Clagett & Barnett.

Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask

Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask

If you want to know more about the questions that a divorce lawyer will ask you then read this article carefully.

Top 10 Questions a Divorce Lawyer Will Ask You

  • 1) What is the reason why you are seeking a divorce?

There are limitless reasons why couples split up. A few of the most common reasons for divorce include: The perceptive for your divorce is significant and might determine the specific trajectory of your divorce case. Exactly, your attorney will need to know whether you or your spouse wronged each other, or whether the divorce is rather amicable.

  • 2) What is your current living situation?

Your attorney will also want you to get them up to speed about your present living arrangements. There are a couple of motives for this.

One, your lawyer will want to know if you and your partner are presently sharing a house. Usually, the value of the marital house will be divided between the two partners. Similarly, your attorney needs to know if there are minor children or other family members living with you. If so, this can impact the divorce proceedings.

  • 3) Are you and your spouse separate? And if so, for how long have you been separated?

If you and your husband or wife have divided, that is something your lawyer needs to know. An informal separation Crataegus oxycantha does not impact your divorce proceedings much, but a formal or legal separation likely will have an impact. Precisely, a legal separation might determine the rules for child custody, alimony, the division of property, and more.

  • 4) Do you and your spouse have any children together?

When you divorce, child keeping is one of the most serious and contentious issues. Naturally, it is important to talk with your attorney about any kids (especially kids who are still minors) you and your spouse have together.

Problems surrounding child custody tend to be awfully emotional and extremely stressful, so it is good to be candid with your lawyer about what your wishes and expectations are. Start the conversation about childcare early in the divorce procedure and ask your attorney to support you understand some of the most realistic outcomes.

  • 5) What are your must haves?

The divorce proceedings classically involve a lot of negotiation and compromise; it is likely that you will not get everything you want, but your lawyer will try to ensure that you get the things that matter to you most.

As such, it is significant to be upfront about the things that are most significant to you. For example, are you zealous to get custody of your children? To preserve ownership of the marital home? Be open and honest with your separation lawyer about those things that you consider to be must-haves.

  • 7) What Financial Assets Do You and Your Spouse Share?

Your divorce attorney will also want to know about any financial properties or accounts that are shared between you and your spouse. These might contain checking, savings, and investment accounts.

If you have any such accounts with a financial institution, it might be helpful to just write down which accounts you have and where the possessions are being held (i.e., with which bank or investment firm) and bring them to the meeting with your attorney.

Odds are, your lawyer will ask you to bring statements from these accounts, but you will not unavoidably need those during the initial meeting. Just come ready to list and discuss any financial assets you have.

  • 8) What Retirement Accounts Do You Have?

Along the same lines, come ready to talk with your attorney about any IRAs, pensions, or 401(k)s that you or your spouse have.

In addition to listing these accounts, also be ready to talk about when they were started; precisely, it is significant to clarify whether these accounts were opened before or after you got married.

Your attorney might also ask whether contributions to these accounts are made on a voluntary basis or on a compulsory basis. This can be related to calculations about a child or spousal support payments.

  • 9) What is Your Employment Status?

Your divorce attorney will need to be carried up to speed on your employment status and on your spouse’s employment standing. Precisely, you can expect that your lawyer will ask the following:

  • Where do you presently work? What is your job title? Where does your spouse work, and what is his or her job title?
  • How much money do you make? How much money does your partner make?
  • How long have you held your existing job? How long has your spouse held his or her job?
  • Are your jobs both stable and safe?
  • 10) Was There Any Abuse or Addiction Current in the Marriage?

We have already mentioned that a divorce lawyer will want to ask about the underlying cause of your divorce. Though, it is vital to emphasize that, if any abuse or addiction issues were present in your marriage, it is vital for your attorney to know. This does not just encompass drug and alcohol addiction; even something like a gambling addiction is relevant, especially if it means that your spouse used marital funds to fund their vice.

Safeguard that you arrive at the initial consultation ready to be open and honest about the different issues that affect your marriage, even those topics that might be problematic to talk about.


We have shared everything about the questions a divorce lawyer will ask you in this article for you if the info that we shared above assisted you in any way then do share it with others.