5 Key Reasons Why You Need an Annulment Attorney

An annulment makes it legal as if the marriage never happened. It can lift a stigma that is often associated with divorce, and it can also allow people of certain religions to remarry within their faith.

There are several ways to find an annulment attorney. You can look online, contact professional attorney organizations and ask friends and family for recommendations.

Legal Advice

While annulments may be less common than divorces, they still exist. A New York City annulment attorney can help you with the process of getting your marriage dissolved.

Most annulments are based on claims of fraud or pretenses. These claims must be substantiated by documentation and evidence to qualify for an annulment.

If you seek an annulment, it is essential to consult with a legal professional before filing any paperwork. This is because an annulled marriage is treated as though it never occurred, which can affect your property division and alimony claims. An annulment lawyer can explain these and other issues in obtaining an annulment. They may also provide alternatives to an annulment, such as a divorce.

Legal Representation

While divorce is the most common way marriages end, an annulment is another option. An annulment is a legal determination that the marriage never existed, but some people still think it carries some stigma.

There are various reasons why you want to get an annulment. For example, fraud is grounds for an annulment; this includes deception of any type, such as misrepresentation or pretense. Coercion is grounds for an annulment; this involves threats, violence, or coercion.

Other reasons include being underage at the time of the marriage (you must be at least the age of consent, which is eighteen years old in New York) or incurable mental incapacity that prevented you from giving consent to the marriage.


An annulment is a legal process where a marriage is declared null and void. Unlike divorce, it does not dissolve an already existing marriage. An annulment is often requested for religious or cultural reasons. It may be granted if there was fraud or misrepresentation, one party was under the influence of drugs or alcohol at the time of the marriage, or both parties were.

Other grounds for an annulment include coercion or force, mental weakness or disease (such as Alzheimer’s), and pretense. Choosing an annulment attorney NJ with experience handling annulments and who you are comfortable working with for the duration of your case is essential. Ensure you find out how much the lawyer charges per hour and the estimated timeline for your case.

Knowledge of the Law

A reasonable annulment attorney is familiar with all aspects of state law regarding annulments. This is significant since each state has its own laws, and your attorney must be aware of them to represent you properly.

People seek an annulment for various reasons, including pretense (where someone deceives you by misrepresenting a fact or omitting information) and bigamy. Other reasons include:

If you qualify for an annulment, it can lift a lot of weight off your shoulders and make things easier by treating the marriage as if it never happened. However, an annulment may not provide the benefits of a divorce, such as property division and spousal support. This is because a judge needs to find that there was no valid marriage in place before it can declare it null and void.


While divorce is the more common way for couples to end their marriages, an annulment is also a viable option. To get an annulment, specific grounds must exist. For example, marriages and domestic partnerships that are incestuous or bigamous cannot be considered valid and can therefore be annulled.

A civil annulment may also be possible if one or both spouses were underage when they married, were incapable of consenting to the marriage due to mental illness, committed fraud, or were subjected to compulsion or force in the marriage. In addition, many states have time limits on when you can file for an annulment.