What is a Class X Felony in Illinois?

What is a Class X Felony – In Illinois, a Class X felony is the most thoughtful crime a resident can commit short of first-degree murder. If found guilty, the defendant cannot be condemned to probation and can face six (6) to thirty (30) years in jail.

Now, in other words, the felony always transmits a prison sentence, but the defendant can get probation if the prosecution chooses to amend the charges by reducing the original charge to a charge that offers probation.

What is a Class X Felony?

Class X Felony

First-time offenders who don’t have a criminal record might also face a prison sentence if their crimes fall under the Class X category. Under Illinois law, these felonies contain:

  • Heightened kidnapping, criminal sexual assault, a battery of a minor, battery with a firearm and vehicle hijacking, arson
  • Home invasion
  • Armed robbery
  • Ownership of a controlled substance (such as drugs or prescription drugs) with the intent to deliver
  • Predatory sexual assault of a minor

The consequences for a Class X felony are unforgiving. If sentenced, the defendant can face at least six (6) years and a maximum of 30 years in prison. Here, in either case, they will also have to pay $25,000 in fines. Since the prison sentence is non-negotiable, trying to sell with the prosecutor during such cases can be a challenge as prosecutors are employed by the State Attorney’s Office.

Though, this does not mean it is impossible to do so. With the finest defense lawyers, probation is possible. As mentioned before, they can influence the prosecution to lessen the original charge. While this will not eliminate jail time, it can make the offender eligible for probation in several cases.

These options are likely only if a defendant has a skilled defense attorney on their side who has years of experience fighting against such judgments. Without one, defendants have little chance of making probation if they are found guilt-ridden of a Class X felony.

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Class X Felony in Illinois

Felonies are naturally the most dangerous crimes, and their consequences start with a minimum of one year of jail time. In Illinois, felonies are separated into Classes 1 through 4, and then Class X, which is reserved for the most thoughtful offenses of all.

When you’re suspect of a crime, you should instantly reach out to a felony criminal defense attorney in Rockford, IL—even if charges have not yet been filed. Class X felonies carry up to 60 years of prison time, so having a suitable defense is critical to preserving your freedom.

What are the Different Types of Felonies?

Felony lessons start with Class 4 (the least severe) and move up to Class X, which sits above Class 1. Class 4 felonies carry a minimum of one to three years of prison time, and cover crimes like illegal possession of a firearm, aggravated assault, dog fighting, and a lot more.

Class 3 felonies rise the jail time from two to five years, and contain such misdeeds as incest, perjury, aggravated battery, and involuntary manslaughter. Class 2 has a minimum of two to seven years and contains arson, burglary, and kidnapping, among other crimes. Finally, Class 1 felonies contain a minimum of four to 15 years and cover crimes such as criminal sexual assault, hijacking, and discharging your firearm inside a residence.

How is a Class X Felony Different?

Class X felonies are the nastiest of the nastiest, except for first-degree murder. If you’re suspected of a Class X felony, you’re looking at six to 30 years of incarceration at a minimum, but that sentence could be extended to 60 years.

Classically, Class X felonies are armed felonies like robbery, arson, rape, battery, and more—and in fact, if you’re on your sixth DUI charge, you could be looking at a Class X felony. You might be detained for possession of a controlled substance, and depending on how much of the substance is tangled, that could push your charge into Class X territory, too.

You should know that not only do Class X felonies come with a minimum six-year sentence, but after you’ve attended your time, you have a minimum three-year supervised release period, and you won’t be qualified for probation—even if it’s your first offense.

If you think you might be charged with a Class X felony, it’s vital that you retain an attorney as soon as possible. Skilled legal representation could make the difference between a reduced sentence or decades in prison.

Felony Criminal Defense Attorney in Rockford, IL

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